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Fedya Ili      

  The artist created the series of portraits in August 2015.
Nude males at the iconic places of the beautiful and revolutionary city of
St. Petersburg, the city they love much. They speak of their dreams and future, worries not only about homophobia but the whole social situation in Russia.
    A master of portraits, Fedya Ili beautifuly pairs the sights of the city of
St. Petersburg with a revealing look at it’s men, while offering us a glimpse
of their outlook and the issues they face as gay men in Russia today.

Billy Mecca
Founder & Creative Director, Summer Diary Project

Falling in love with your hometown. But the question is:
are you part of the town or is the town part of you?

Sandro Kortekaas
Co-owner, MooiMan Art Gallery


Naked Petersburg
Fedya Ili

38 pages (15,2 x 22,9 cm)

€ 18,00

(€ 22,25 incl. shipping within the Netherlands) (price for shipping abroad on request)


A selection of eight photographs in the book are shown in the exhibition.
They will not be shown on internet.
photo size 30 x 20 in mount 40 x 30, framed
There is only one copy of these photographs available

each photo € 250