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Jean Christophe Husson  

I am the terrorist.
I eat on the floor.
I am the uneducated.
I am a sex machine.
I am here for your money.
I/ve got AIDS.

I am gay.
I am a political refugee.
I am for Syria.

I am you prejudice.





Hahnemühle Matt Fine Art
63 x 50 cm
nr. 1/5

€ 1050


In the BIBLE
it is written:

GOD created man in his own image,
in the image of GOD
he created him; male and female
he created them

If GOD made me gay,
that’s the way he wanted me to be.

God said,
that’s the way I made you



Hahnemühle Matt Fine Art
90 x 70cm
nr. 1/5

€ 1400