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Arnix Wilnoudt    


White Corvus

50,5x40x160 cm
installation, antique art-deco chapel brass, bronze, emaille (1950) Belgium,
silicon, hooded crow, and cockerel feet, mixed media.

price on request


This mythical symbol-filled installation strongly reflects the strong, irrepressible libido of the penis. Like a church tower it is adorned by a weather vane in the shape of a rooster, a jet-black Corvus which clasps the penis glans legs with his raven black claws.

This provocative location of scene within a nineteen-century Roman Catholic Art Deco chapel, Arnix places the sexual truths of the church in a completely different context. Corvus, a divine bird functions as a mouthpiece, as a “demarche artistique”, an indictment. The power of the Church is marked at both corners of the table on which the chapel is located, set by the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet: Alpha and Omega; symbolizing its omnipotence.

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