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Adonias Ocom            


Forbidden Words

acrylic and charcoal on canvas
189,5 x 91 cm

€ 2500


The work is titled "Forbidden Words" and I decided to use this title to explore the vulnerability around a man and his sexual expressions.

In Uganda a man is always raised to be macho and he should exhibit very masculine charactereistics not to be looked down upon. The more effeminate he is the less he is regarded as man enough. This work is also provoking questions like what is holy and unholy as regards to our bodies.

Coming from a Christian background, there are topics that were never discussed in our homes because they were forbidden. Topics like masturbation, sexual preferences, to name but a few and in most cases these practices that we discover along the way.
So this work also attempts to question the notion of holy or saintly ways in which we celebrate our bodies.