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Cornelius McCarthy              

Cornelius McCarthy was born in 1935 into a family of Irish Catholic and Eastern European immigrant stock.

His earliest artistic influence was probably through the artefacts and images used to promote Catholic devotion that he grew up with. Through these he became familiar with the compositions of the masters of the Italian Renaissance. Formal study was completed at Goldsmith’s School of Art, London, followed by a tour of Italy visiting all the principal art collections and monuments.

Later work was published in 2007 in ‘Cornelius McCarthy’ with an introduction and commentaries by Peter Dobson (published by Adonis Art, London).

Now widely regarded as a true master of paintings depicting the male form he is widely collected in England, the rest of Europe, and especially the United States.

He died unexpectedly in November 2009.

In 2014 his biography will be published by Gallery MooiMan. It is written by Peter Dobson.


Alec G. Ayres & Cornelius McCarthy, Willow End, 2007.

(Foto: Nebojsa Zdravkovic)