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Toy Boys
Kevin & Bart

Toy Boys
Maarten &

Toy Boys
Martijn & Tim

Toy Boys
Per & Jan

Toy Boys
Roy & Dan

Toy Boys
Tom & Niels

oil on MDF
20 x 18 cm
in black cardboard "Toy Boys" box


each € 200
  sold/verkocht sold/verkocht sold/verkocht  
My idea is to make something from the children’s universe, which is not really for children. I like to put these “bad guys” and fun and mischievous types into the
children’s world, so you almost get to keep them. I have worked with murderers
like Mao and Hitler and also well known horror characters.

I received considerable media attention when I painted Hitler as a cute toy ­figure. And when I painted types from the gay community, Politiken wrote: He had ­provoked, before, now he does it again. The controversial artist wants to pay tribute to World Outgames by putting the focus on the gay community in a new branch of his series “toys”.

When I exhibited my picture of the two toy figures having sex in a park, it created a wild stir at the Roskilde Town Hall when several employees would have the image removed. But it has never been my intention to provoke anyone.

This year I started making sculptures, lasercut in MDF board and painted in oil,
so every sculpture is unique.