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Daniel Torrent              

Dani Torrent (Barcelona, 1974) has a degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona. There he has taken doctoral courses in Fine Arts; in addition to Film Direction at the CECC (Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya) and a Higher Degree in Illustration at the Llotja School (Barcelona).

He has exhibited individually in New York, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Bergamo, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Girona and Huelva; in addition to obtaining multiple recognitions such as the Golden Apple Award from the Bratislava Illustration Biennial, the Hiiibrand Jury Award from China, the Young Artists Award from the Fita Foundation or the Museari Award, in the illustration category, for the defense of gender diversity.

In his work he works on intimacy, the need to dissolve in the other, through affection and empathy. At a time when social networks push us to continually pose and pretend a life that is not; His work tries to show what those who love each other do, when no one is looking. Bodies that communicate without words, that move intuitively adapting to each other. Everyday moments without epicness, far from individualism and competitiveness, that we keep to ourselves, avoiding displaying them so as not to cheapen them.

Hence, his concept of art is a way to connect directly and emotionally with other people, recognizing through his work everything that we as humans have in common.

To do this, he likes to work in a gestural and direct way, trying to avoid long processes by using acrylic for works on canvas, and pencils, gouache and watercolors for his creations on paper.
As an art historian, he draws from many references in his works: Pontormo, Friedriech, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, Hiroshige, Hockney... each one interests him for different reasons: “an artist’s art is more personal the more open he is to different stimuli.

mixed media on paper