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vr 5 april

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Art Breda
11 t/m 18 mei
galerie gesloten

vr 24 mei
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za 1 juni
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vr 28 juni
galerie gesloten

za 29 juni
Roze Zaterdag Venlo/Krefeld
galerie gesloten

zo 30 juni

in juli is de galerie gesloten



In Europa exist only a few galleries specialized in male-art.
Except galerie MooiMan the following galleries can be found:

Kunstbehandlung in Munich; Au Bonheur du Jour in Paris.

You can find their websites by clicking on the links below.
Kunstbehandlung, Au Bonheur du Jour

Of course you can find some male-art in a lot of galleries and in online galleries.
But for a large choice it visit these three galleries.