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FIrst Art Fair
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Darklands Antwerpen
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Demir Demir(ov)    


Russia, gay, artist, activist, homophobia and Hiv. This is Demir Demir(ov), 33 years old, living in Moscow, HIV infected and suffering from a third stadium of AIDS.

From November 26th - December 11th, 2016 MooiMan male art gallery will show for the first time in Europe a solo exhibition of the artworks of Demir Demirov from his 'Inner Light’ series. Russian authorities see his work as homopropaganda which is also the reason he is not allowed to exhibit in Russia. Dutch websites who show his art are in Russia shut off for him to visit. All the profit of sales from this exhibition go to Demir and his friends because in Russia they do not get treatment for HIV. This exhibition is part of World Aids Day on December 1st.

Demir’s artworks have strong links to the street art of Keith Haring who died of AIDS in 1990. Strong, graphic work overloaded with symbols in which he as an activist uses these symbols for making critical statements about Russian homophobia, transgenders, gay marriage and adoption. Not like Keith haring on walls, Demir paints on the most cheap way on wrapping paper from a Swedisch multinational in furniture. Keith died in a period there was no medication for people suffering from AIDS. In Russia however people get treatement for HIV but not all like artist who are to critical and openly gay which makes them the outcast of the society. Especially in 2013 when Demir met Elton John in Russia and they got media attention for his critical artworks. Since then his life became a hell, was homeless since and does not get any medication. Even dentists don’t treat people with HIV in Russia so his teeth are falling out. This is Russia today. A society which should not only take care of all people who suffer under HIV but also should inform and discuss openly instead ignoring it.

The gallery did all they could to get a visum by the Dutch Embassy in which we work together. At this moment we are not sure his artworks will pass the border and if Russian authorities will give him a visum.