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Wim Heldens    

The ‘story’ of ‘The Mirror’ is quickly deciphered:
a gay couple embracing in the corner of a room which is being restored, is being laughed at by a teenager, drawing the viewer into the scene with his gestures. Behind the boy a rather big lady administers a reprimand (or is it a tranvestite?). In a mirror we see another couple of people, apparantly part of the scene, a working man (laughing as well) and another boy rebuking him, thus mirroring the scene itself with other protagonists. At the top of the mirror, an idylic scene represents something like a harmonious life. The whole scene breathes movement and life and seems to be a snapshot. The perspective draws the viewer in, as does the vista through the mirror where we see things on a much smaller scale. The floor with the square tiles adds movement to our focus and points to the centre of the scene, which is the couple in the corner. The asymmetrical arrangement, and balance of forms and oclours, is complex yet natural; the teenager seems almost leaning out of the picture. This painting leaves nobody untouched: seen once, it is burned on the retina.


The Mirror

oil on canvas
200 x 210 cm
framed 208 x 218

€ 41000